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Originally Posted by bradymartin View Post
well this plane is growing on me. originally it was between this, the gamma 370 and supercub. first plane i purchased (after the champ) was the super cub. but because the stock batteries didnt even fit in the supercub i returned it. i still cant believe i would have to mod a brand new plane out of the box just to fit the stock batteries in. that irked me bad and back that baby went. i no longer care about the supercub.

so here i am debating between the stratos and gamma 370 rtf both rtf for $130 (except the stratos does not come with ac adapter for the stock charger, the gamma does)

the gamma 370 just seems to have too many problems. tamiya connectors failures, esc failures, servo failures, props breaking too easy. I would LOVE to get the gamma 370 first, because i like that slow flying floating ability it has in the videos. but unfortunately those are major problems. i dont want to lose the plane midflight.

the stratos is probably faster than the gamma, and it has two motors so twice the chance something could wrong i guess. but i like thevi tech in this plane. im just stuck between these two.
I really love my two Firebirds!

My first rc-plane ever....before I have had like 10 rc cars...but now I am totally sold on planes I have allready an edf-jet and an Axn floater....booth waiting for me to get better...But i just might take the edf out for a spinn this weekend.

Also the Stratos is Very durable...after some really smart solutions...making it not brake into 1000 of pieces if you screw up
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