Thread: Discussion How to find CG on a Delta wing?
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Originally Posted by LuvEvolution7 View Post
nose up usually means that the CG is too far forward and not really related to static margin. static margin is simply how the plane returns to its trajectory when the pilot disturbs it.
Well, higher static margin usually requires the CG to be far forward. They are one and the same thing. Some people prefer to fly slightly nose heavy and add down thrust - hence they're flying a plane with high static margin - really stable. I prefer lower static margin - hence less nose heavy than usual.

I do understand that actual static margin for the whole plane includes stuff other than CG like the size of the tail surfaces and the side area of the fuse. But all else being equal the usual method of increasing or reducing static margin during trimming is to shift the CG (unless that stops working in which case you should start looking at other causes like undersized stabilizers etc).
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