Thread: Discussion How to find CG on a Delta wing?
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As a rule of thumb, my deltas all have CG at roughly 50% root chord. This equates to approximately 33% MAC. Not exactlly but close enough. I may end up shifting the final CG but it's usually due to not being able to shift the battery far enough in one direction or another. Deltas fly well in quite a large range of CG.

I prefer the 33% rule over the 25% rule for all my planes. But that's just me. I'm used to it. If it can't do tight loops then it's nose heavy to me.

Regardless, I've used the 50% root chord rule on lots of deltas. Some built for myself, some built for others. So far it has worked well enough for several different pilots with very different flying styles and levels of experience. It's the CG I set my son's delta trainer to when I was teaching him how to fly.
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