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Originally Posted by TommyB33 View Post
After reading through all 28 pages of this thread, I think I'll be ordering up the V450D03, but wanted the internet population to confirm based on my experience.

I learned the basics of RC heli flight on a Honey Bee King 2 about 5 years ago. After lots of broken pieces (no training gear or sim to learn on), I ended up with with a 200 sized coax that allowed me to master orientation and get comfortable with nose-in flight.

Recently I was at my friend's place who had a cheap 3ch that got me hooked again. I ordered up a 4ch coax and 4ch FP micro. Got bored with the coax almost immediately but have been having fun with the FP.

I'm looking for something that won't require much adjustment out of the box (I'm used to some after the HBK2), and will be good for outdoor sport flying. I don't plan on much acrobatics.

So, any reason to pay the extra $100 for the Devo8s over the Devo7? Any other "intermediate" 6ch FBL helicopters I should look at in the $300 price range?

If you can find a 450 size RTF heli in the $300 price range let me know...

When it comes to radios, some where down the line you may want to try out the custom firmware which will let you fly walkera and blade heli's with no hardware mods. To do that you will want a devo 6,8,10 or 12. The 7e is low power and the 7 is not supported by custom firmware because (mostly) of the lack of usb port. I have the 8 and 12. You might not ever want a 12, but if you like the touch screen go for the 8, if you like the lcd go for the 10. As for the money... spend it now, once, rather than wanting to get a better radio later. The 7 is not a bad radio, but you may want more out of it later... If you get a 12, you may never need another radio again.

The v450d03 flies great out of the box. It comes completely built. You can literally charge the battery and fly it. BUT do a little reading first about setting your pitch to 0 at mid stick. (You can fly the way walkera does it, but most guys change it)

I have a blade 300x and I am kicking myself for it.. I could have almost bought 2 v450d03's for that price.
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