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Originally Posted by tom43004 View Post
It is possible. It's also possible that aliens decided that the color of my aircraft was offensive and shot it down with an electron beam from Jupiter. Like most crash scenarios, there were more variables than just the pivot point, but I have always felt strongly that the servo load was the issue.
Please do not take my enthusiasm as sarcasm. (just in case you were) I do not question your judgement. Those aliens can be buggars! I am enjoying learning about this very much so. This is a great forums. I trust that your intuition on that servo load is correct. Was your flying stab mounted above or below the boom? I have a feeling that if the H stab. was mounted on the bottom of the boom, the more turbulent stream of air from the wing may have caused more stress on that stab and therefore the servo than if it were mounted above the boom. I see that Seba's FFS have been on the top of the boom out of the slipstream of the wing. I know not where Geralds stab was mounted. Could this have been part of the problem or solution?
Originally Posted by G_T View Post
...But if it works ok however you have it, then no issues.
Undoubtedly your technical theory is correct. Yet there is so much undiscovered or unknown. I'm glad you leave a clause for the mystery of flight...
Originally Posted by pyrsly View Post
During My trials I mounted stabs from 1/4" for LE to 3/4", measuring at hard point. All worked with no problems. Even at very forward placement I didn't observe any trouble. I go with thickest place for thickest hard points, they are the key to this setup.
Wow! 1/4" from LE was working without any trouble. Glad to hear it. Just so we're clear, i do not doubt Seba's design. It appears he is having great success!
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