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Originally Posted by jakestew View Post
If you want to learn assembly you'll always be cluttered with old windbags going on and on.

I'd suggest learning a real programming language, like C. It's a basic requirement for any serious programmer.
speaking of windbags jake you are the king. cant count the number of posts where you complain that this or that is no dam good and somebody should do something. then you proceed to do huge amounts of.... nothing.

i did get a kick out of your advice that homemade copper soldering tips are better than even the $1 ebay iron clad. and the guy you told to regulate his high current app with a voltage divider. i think that pretty much says it all.

and regarding avr c for jobs like a7105 rx/tx ill bet you cant even do a blink program. probably cant even get the tools up. and if you do manage it will be at least an order of magnitude bigger than an asm version. source AND bin.
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