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The wheels touch down FIRST??
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CF is pretty easy to worth - depending what you're trying to do, I guess.

The easiest way to shape it is to sand/grind it - but don't be breathin none of the dust. Dass bad JuJu

It can be a bit of a pig to cut - and really bluntens blades pretty quick. Being a bit like glass, sometimes you have to treat it in a similar way re cutting - I've found it much easier to score it both sides, then snap it off... than to try and cut it all the way through. Of course, score/snap leaves sharp little frays of fibre and a not-so-neat cut - but that can be fixed with a light rub of 400 or 600 grit sandpaper etc.

Again... don't breathe the dust in - or even get it on you. Makes me itch like crazy....

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