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I think the offset mixing plates and modified fly bar offers good hope for making this bird a far better flyer. The V912 may have already solved some of the issues but I have not really read or seen how it flies in the wind or continuous forward flight. Quite a few of us are waiting on parts to test this concept, but soon we will know.

I have been researching the best way to move to cp, I have the 450 with fly bar head but am reluctant to move quickly and probably need an intermediate step. I have read many forums on the different cp heli's and the cost of crashing is really out there. But there is a heli that I think will be a great transition bird, the walkera V120D02s looks to be the ideal package.

It has a 6 axis gyro flybarless head that has self leveling similar to a 4 ch, brushless motor, direct tail drive that can be modded to have a slipper clutch, almost unbreakable design, and with the simple servo mod (cut the servo arm so it slips on impact) this bird is very strong. It can easily be tamed down to fly like a 4 channel but later can be turned into a hummingbird on crack with experience and some Tx setting changes.

If you have a devo type Tx the BNF version is around $160. I have probably spent close to that already on the 9116.

My plan is to go the intermediate route and continue slowly with the 450 with stock bell hillier head, there is an option to upgrade to a 3 axis gyro flybarless head for about $60 that I may consider up the track. In the meantime the 9116 is providing a challenge to make something work along with honing some basic skills before probably moving on to the V120D02S.
Check out the Skyartec Wasp X3V fbl. I really like mine and everybody that has one seems to like it also. It's a lot of helicopter for the money.

I like that idea about slitting the servo arm: never heard it before. It makes sense on a fbl heli with all it's inherent stress on the servos. I've stripped a lot of gears!
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