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While on the subject of trim, weight trim is extremely important. All single copter VTOL's need to have lateral weight trim set to zero, that is, while hanging on a string un-powered from the center of the motor; the device must hang exactly level. I.e. remove the prop and place a round or square plate in place of the prop, this surface must be perfectly level in static, un-powered conditions.

I use a "paint stir-stick" with a bulls eye bubble level stuck on one end, a large amount of the stick extends beyond the mounting hole to exactly counter balance the bubble.

Using this leveling system allows me to move the battery, servos etc around using carpet double stick tape to find the correct placement of the radio gear. This is the real secret to making a vtol fly correctly and is often overlooked. BTW this works great on 3-D fun-fly airplanes if the plane is balanced using this system, they hang perfectly vertical in a powered hover, making these planes perform extremely well. I've resorted to mounting the battery on a stick extending upward over the cabin area to get things to balance out correctly. I looks odd, but who cares it make the device fly perfect.
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