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More info please

Originally Posted by kohersh View Post
Quick question.
My neighbor just purchased the Value hobby version of of the SS/Bix. Hes new to the hobby and wanted me to accompany him and maiden it. I have never flown one of these planes before myself.
I'm a 3D guy so I set up all the throws to full limit on the outermost horn hole. I thought the surface deflection was very small but launched the plane into 8-10kt wind and it was immediately overwhelmed. All surfaces were virtually inefective. 100' out and the X-wind component was pushing it away from my intended flightpath. I couldn't correct it ,I'm shocked the ailerons could even overcome the wind to keep it right side up,- I was full right stick and rudder cranked all in. Everything I did barely kept the wings level I let him know it wasn't going to make it around landed in the field way out there.

Discouraged, I returned to the pits, reset everything on the inner horn hole for max deflection, a 50% improvement. Launched again, slightly more control but unable to position the plane where I wanted it, barely enough to just eek out a super wide turn back into the wind before being blown off the field and over a roadway. Again full deflection just to achieve that. Landed safely way out again.

So is this typical of these planes in general with their docile behavior and small throws on a windy day? Or is it just crap servos installed in the RTF version. I see pictures of it flying inverted, I know its popular for FPV, and I imagine its a relaxing flier on a calm day, but on the Florida coast we don't get many calm days.
Anyone else had similar experiences.? Thanks for the help
Something is very wrong to have that experience unless the wind was way too strong (>25mph). Could you please post pics of both your aileron servo and horn?
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