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Originally Posted by eroeder View Post
I was told by a guy with experience with FMS, their electronics to include servos is rock solid. The only issue with the elevator servos on these big birds seem to eventually fail due to having to a large surface under such loading. I was told only that one needs to be swapped out for a beefier one.
Just passing on what I heard...
Is there "reallly" all that much load on the elevator servo? I mean, these birds are not going blazing fast. These servos are rated at decent ounces of Torque arent they? How much resistance is the elevator really having?

I can't see how it would stress out the elevator servo as there is not a whole lot of "fast" air moving over the elevator. These 1700mm planes go pretty decent "scale" speed and not a speed demon by no means.

How would someone know exactly how much "stress" it takes to move one of these slower 1700mm birds? When I grab the servo, that baby pushes VERY well on my fingers...the torque is pretty substantial enough that I would not want to try to "hold" the elevator while moving the servo for fear it would RIP the elevator servo horn out.

Just my thoughts.
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