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Originally Posted by Jerm357 View Post
Im thinking of ordering the 9116 from Amazon and I am thinking about getting another battery for it so I can switch one out while the other is charging. Should I try and find a 7.4v 900mah battery or just go with another stock one? I have heard that going with something with around 900mah as long as its about the same size and weight can make the 9116 fly stronger and longer. Is this true?

I probley would have already just bought a 900mah but finding one that around $10 to $15 shipped not from China is pretty hard and Im just wondering if it is really worth it since I can get a stock one from Amazon for only $11 shipped.
hey jerm..

ive had a 9116 for about a month now, and for a first helicopter, i really recommend it. yes, its shonky and the quality control in its manufacturing is terrible.. BUT..
its stable, easy to fly, incredibly rugged, and best of all for me at least, the parts are very very cheap to replace and the community here is very helpful in troubleshooting problems and suggesting modifications.

i am still stuck with the stock battery.. with the mod i did to my main motor wiring, i definitely need something better now. i am about to order a few of these..

definitely get a few if you can. you will want to keep em charged and swap them in and out of the heli, so you can fly when the weather is accommodating. just make sure you let the motor cool between flights, and the battery cool before recharging.

the 900mah batteries apparently do increase flight time (im not sure about engine power and performance). they have a higher C-rating, so from what i understand, they should deliver more power in theory.

hope this helps you.
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