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Wparsons is right on the money with what he said. KV and power are reversed with brushless motors... sort of. I run mostly 5700kv motors in my touring cars because I want the rpm's for speed. You don't need or want torque with these cars, but believe me there is too much with this motor anyway. There is no comparison to brushed motors in any way.. I also run the same KV motors in my slash and rustler but with a 4 pole design that has much more torque, up to 40% from what I'm told.. way over kill for a touring car. I am a speed junkie, but this combo will make the car a handful to drive if you are not skilled. The car can take the abuse but crashing is another story. The only thing I'm not sure about is the chart for figuring out brushed and brushless turns. Novak says one thing, Castle won't even discuss it and all other manufacturers have different formulas. I will say this however, I used to run brushed motors ranging from 8t and up and they aren't even in the same league as these current brushless motors are. Even the cheap HK moitors will outperform the best brushed motor.
Conundrum4000 thanks for the kind words on the car. I need to get a better picture, the lighting stunk and the wife was getting angry that I took a picture on the kitchen table. She just doesn't understand. Had to remind her the car was cleaner than the house.. and that didn't go ever too well.
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