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WP, I know those who've been here a little while have seen your underwater shots before, but they never fail to amuse. Thank goodness the gopro seems to shrug it off.

7, if you researched these keychain cameras before, you probably realise there are lot of inferior clones about. Good and bad all come from China in the same housing so beware! Not just that some don't work. There are differences in the electronics as well. You might want to spend a little more than the absolute minimum to get a good one. There is a very good thread on RCGroups about them plus Chuck Lohr's site and some very detailed reviews on Youtube. I expect you've checked them out, but if not I 'll post links. They also comment on the relative merits of the three lenses.

I think it was Fire who told us a while ago that the best (lightest and cheapest) way to waterproof them was a TicTac box with the lens end of the box (end that doesn't come off to slide the camera in) replaced with a piece of glass held on with shoegoo. Can't leave them bare or water will get in through the lens orifice, ditto mic, ditto card slot, ditto reset hole etc. No matter how carefully you drive. And in any case, who drives an NQD carefully!
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