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Originally Posted by trf_414_m2 View Post

Yep, I plan to use a servo tester to drive the 20A airplane esc that controls the E-gyro at the very first tests.


About wheelie bars, Im designing a rear wheel brake system that will look like the small slider Sideways bikes feature behind rear wheel. As soon this slider touches the ground, it will push a shock damper installed in a lever that would control a disc caliper.

The system will act same way as "we all" do with our real scale bikes. As soon wheelie becomes excesive, "we all" press rear brake to reduce power going to the rear wheel....

Youll be able to control wheelie action by changing that shock spring rate or preload.

This design is at the very first stages of developement yet, so no pics or 3D drawings can be seen by this date.

About side crash bars, only rear mount is displayed at the pics, right over main spur gear. Front mount will find its place at the final battery box (the yellow fiberglass one is just a prototype, final one will be graphite...)

@Throttle and Chktm

Im so curious about the MM wheels and tyres. Would you please explain the differences between those and the ARX/Quanum rear wheel I fitted on the bike?


Ive designed this bike to use saddle lipo packs, or ARX/Quanum lipo bricks.


Thanks for the confirmation the KERS idea will work. You said you unplug gyro battery and get decent handling for about 15 seconds or so.

Just guess how a 3rd channel brake mixxed esc will work. As soon as you apply brakes to enter the slowest track section, the gyro will rev up and get the desired handling there. Enter the main straight or fast curves and gyro wont take any power from main battery and will spin at a constant speed in order not to transfer any reaction to the front wheel.

Thank you all for your compliments and ideas.

Cesar, from Spain.


No way to be there. And I think I need another two months or so to complete it.... And a Lotto...

Thanks again.
Hey Cesar the MM rims and tyres are slightly larger diameter meaning better rough track handling. The rims are beadlock requiring no glueing. The rear tyre is more rounded and more scale looking being thinner. Best of all the tyres are a good tread pattern and soft compound which work great on hardpacked slippery dirt as well as loamy stuff and you don't have to make them. They also have inserts inside the tyres meaning the handling over rough rocky ground is also great. If you want to try some maybe go for the VMX rear rim if you use your own gyro as the wheel bearings on the MM rear rim uses different ones each side. The VMX uses the same ones. Can't wait to see it up and running .
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