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Thanks for the reminder and links about the cameras. They really would be ideal for these boats. (and cars, and planes...)

So Chi - here's the deal as best as I can remember when I was researching these about a year ago....
The seller that John listed - yes, they are more expensive than ebay. He's not hiding that fact. What you get by buying from him (according to him) is a guarantee that they actually work. He buys them, and tests them.

Also, some (not sure if all or what, can't recall right now without doing a bunch of searches) of the ebay ones (like the one you listed) will not actually tell you what lens it has. There seem to be 3 different lenses, one is normal, one is slightly wider angle, and one is more wide angle, almost fish eye. I personally like the "B" lens, because it's not too distorted, yet it will (in our case) show more of the stream or lake, and more importantly be a smoother less jerky vid image. I'm not a fan of the extreme wide angle, because everything is distorted and smaller looking. Definitely not good for plane use, when the objects on the ground will be VERY tiny.

So, maybe a propper ebay search would find one with that "B" lens, not sure. And then at that point, you'd just be dealing with the ebay seller if it doesn't work. But yes, it's a cost savings.

Me personally, I just need to bite the bullet and buy one. And it won't be for $40+, it'll be around $10. Even if that's a standard lens, I'll live with it.
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