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Futureproofing myself without going overkill


I have an accucel 6 which I always used with my mCPx batteries and it seemed to work great. I just got into RC trucks which obviously have much larger batteries and find myself in need of a new charger.

I was originally looking at the icharger 106b+, but I am one to try to futureproof myself a bit, however I dont want to get a really powerful charger if I wont even come close to using all its power.

I am currently running a PC PSU 12V at 15A. I plan on using this for awhile, but will eventually (maybe in a few months) get a couple server power supplies and run them in series for 24V.

I currently have two 2S 5300 gens ace batteries with a max charge rate of 5C. I do plan on eventually getting a couple 3S 5000 gens ace batteries (which I assume will also have a 5C charge rating). The max number of batteries I plan on charging at a time would be four 2S or four 3S batteries. Is the 206B enough for this? Or should I look at the 306B instead.

And I know there a several 306B vs PL6 threads out there... but based on my current situation, which would be better off a 12V power supply.
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