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Hey John,

Unless you're lakebed is really smooth, with no cracks or debris, I would not recommend that location for the first flight due to the small wheels and prop clearance. During the roll, throttle should be increased slow and smooth otherwise she will torque/pull left. Just be ready on rudder. This model requires a long takeoff roll unless you have a headwind of 4-6 mph. As you know, ample ground and landing speed is life until you get the feel of this T-34. Once airborne, she's quick yet transitions smooth during power changes. I found the aircraft required a little more back pressure in the turns to maintain altitude, not uncommon for small aircraft with a short span. Rolls are quick and loops are clean. Slow flight requires 1/2 to 3/4 power depending on wind. During shallow stalls the nose drops and recovers nicely and right wing drops during deep stalls. Landings require more concentration than landing a PZ T-28 and power is required for a nice touchdown. I modulate between 1/4 and 1/2 right to touchdown. Knock on wood, all my landings have been painless. I took mine to the Valley Flyers Fun Fly in Van Nuys, CA on Sunday and received great feedback and interest in this little T-34 Mentor. She handled the 7-10 mph wind just fine. Hope this help!

Good luck,
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