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I've been doing a lot of searching on the slope forum,checking out the plank builds.One thing I noticed was the use of hardwood as a leading edge.As I'm going to be saving a bit of weight with the tissue,I decided I could afford to fit some.So,using the same profile glazing bar I roughed out a pair.
To fit them I first cut back the wing beds to leave the front 60mm or so exposed,taped them at the t/e edge and laid the wing in.Clamped each span between two timbers and stood the wing vertical.A couple of packings and it was very stable.
To make sure of a good contact for the glue I wanted to use stranded tape rather than masking.To enable me to concentrate on putting pressure on the tape,and not the alignment,I drilled 5x1.5mm holes in each piece and pushed cocktail sticks through the balsa and foam.
When dry adjusted the clamps and laid the whole thing flat.
Next the coarse permagrit bar.Masking tape isn't strong enough to protect the balsa when using this so I made up a shield from thin plastic sheeting,Once the nose was some where near I changed to masking tape and finer grits.
I still need at least 3 templates to check the profile,I have an idea in mind,I'll post it if it works.
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