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Regarding the hex number I know hex numbering, I was only copy and paste from thierryRc post was too lazy to write the numbers myself.Anyway you are the master of "Gobbledygook" jargon and know that.I didn't find other word and this one sound cool.
About languages I know also 4 and I want to add more.
Secondly ,that is not all the code.It is only a sample and I know there is room for improvement in fact this advice is valid for everybody.
Don't worry. I' ll finish the code soon, I'm almost there,at least for the binding part.Avr assembler is not so complicated and I learned(almost 70%) it in less than one week,it was the less difficult part .It was a little more difficult the understand A7105 data sheet(still learning) and now to understand the flysky protocol.
About new thread,this is an RC forum so is not the right place to start with.Secondly even on the right thread ,they advise the same as you at the beginning,and that kind of advice I don't need atm.
However, don't worry I'll never ask you anything here or there ,about avr assembly,In fact I don't need it atm,I have very good resources for that and where to look for.Sorry for ask you about that ,it was a mistake,I was too lazy at that time to look for myself.

If you want to have a bet with me ,if I finish my code in avr assembler and tested working.........??
midelic is online now Find More Posts by midelic
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