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Thanks for the advice Mike! Was wondering to set it up in the radio as dual ail, flaperons etc so just went with dual ail for now. I will cut down the rate travels and have already checked the forward wing mount out and nice and tight. Was thinking about sticking something on the wing just in front of those bolts though like a skid. Maybe cutting a wooden ruler for a little skid plate there.

When deploying spoilerons you have to add some down ele correct to offset it and keep the plane's attitude the same right?

My mate is gonna fly it for me the first time out and he is qual'd instructor so don't expect it to be too adventurous (but then again !)

BTW - did you guys have any issues with the servo leads sitting in the grooved part of the wing. Mine are a little high/proud and this is where I really need to protect them. Will tape them over but may need a little extra - main prob is where the servo leads bend to come towards the hole in the wing and it goes over the carbon main spar. Can't dig it out as main spar is there and even with them dead flat on their side, the twist from vertical to flat sticks out on the corner.....hope you understand what I mean?



Update **** I have hotglued the excess wire from the ailerons in behind the canopy area and also put a drop on each aileron servo - 2 diagonally opposite corners - will also run some tape over them tomorrow.

I also used the glue gun to put two pieces of wooden ruler underneath like skids - one just behind the wing mount on the leading edge and the other just in front of the wing bolts. These will take the brunt of any bad skids. Also gonna glue a couple of wing tip (about 3/4 out) skids under the wing for the ones that go sideways.

One thing I am struggling with - I have the batt/esc and rx setup, but still off my COG. The plane wants to tip back and I have the esc and batt as far forward as I can. I think it is a bit $h!tty when they recommend a battery to fly with and it doesn't come close to the COG recommendation! Will have to find something weighty to put up front. I reckon that a nice 808 #16 cam would be about right weight but I couldn't get away with spending much more at present! Will have to work that one out tomorrow and already have plans in place for maiden on Sat morning so time is running out!

Time for lights out here and will think about it while I sleep!

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