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Originally Posted by boiko View Post
Has anyone run into any noise complaints with the V-70.

An RC Flying Club not too far from my club, has run into noise restriction issues and my club is trying to be proactive in this area...setting up certain guidelines for this coming season.

I have a V-70 that I haven't, as yet flown. So just curious as to anyone running into any club/noise related issues with their V-70.

No, but I'm not in an area with any neighbors. If you've got a sensitive neighbor you might. BUT (and I'm shooting from the hip here) -- I find most noise issues are from large IC engines that generate a lower frequency drone -- this is more penetrating into buildings than the high frequency of sound of the V70. I think it would make a difference if you fly in an area not so hot where neighbors windows are typically open in the summer -- vs. very hot or affluent with windows closed and using A.C.
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