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Originally Posted by midelic View Post
It is confusing and nobody explained properly.
1. The A7105 ID is sent 0x2AC57554 - LSB first
2.The TX ID aka ThieryRC TX ID is sent 30 00 00 06 - LSB first.
actually was explained here and the amicom spec sheet and i dont think thats the correct order as shown. at least not my flysky radios. i did chase my tail quite a bit because it was not always clear how the bytes should be sent/received so you are not alone.

alternate number systems, specially hex, can be confusing unless people decide on a standard to communicate. hard enough for us with 3 native languages involved. little endian or big endian but not both at the same time. maybe separate the bytes to show how it comes out of the tx or, if for some odd reason you want to depict as a single number, use 0x. so to be proper:

06 00 00 30 = 0x30000006

54 75 c5 2a = 0x2ac57554

ps looking at the sample "avr program" you posted a while back i see theres room for improvement. again, suggest blinking led and hello world as good first steps instead of spi and a7105 ids. if youre serious about coding i suggest a new thread titled "do you want to learn avr assembler?" so this one dont get cluttered with noobness and windbags like me going on and on.
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