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Okay, I have this issue from time to time.
FIrst try to reclibrate your gyros.
By pulling the elevator to you Aand then mving the Yaw to the lower left hand corner of the yaw stick.
You should see the yellow status light blink for about 2 seconds.
Also are you using the MaG?
If the number is low when the Mag is on?
It will yaw to one side mostly to the right.
If the number is to high it will turn the quad to the left.

Now when you put your quad on the GUI, you can tell it is out of wack.
Because while it is sitting on the desk or floor.
You could see, the mag moving all by it's self.
Also when you hold it in your hand and twist the multi-rotor will not respond fast enough to your twisting.
If your computer is slow or overloading you won't see it.

Originally Posted by Danub View Post
Hey Guys. . . I am having a handling/tuning challenge with my Y6 copter.
In forward flight after I get going the copter yaws clockwise. . . When I level out it still yaws for a bit. I have double checked all motor rotations and props and all seems correct.
She hovers nice and all controls are as expected until I really get going forward at about 15mph then the yaw starts. . . Right now I have my Yaw pid's at 8.0p- 0.150I- 26D. . . I have gone all over the board with my yaw settings trying to figure this out. . . I have even played with L/R balance to see if it helped but no luck. . . I am kinda stumped.

TIA for your thoughts
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