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Originally Posted by khaled_abobakr View Post

I currently have the EZUHF ... and have found out that I have some noise in the 433 -438 mhz bands and above that it is clean .... so if only I can find a UHF system that can work in 438-440 ... that will be great .. and the good news is that TSLRS do have these higher band available ...

What about dragon link .. ??? Can I use the it in the 438-444 Mhz range ??

Thanks a lot

There is a group of guys that fly Dragon Link over the Miami area, a city of 8,000,000 people, and it works perfectly, no interference, no issues, and no failsafes. In other words, you are worrying about a problem that does not exist. We have found the 433 frequency band to be very clean. Given your statement, I wonder if you are familiar with how much bandwidth systems occupy. You could see a list of may 10 stations in a certain band, and even tough it looks like a lot to you, they would occupy less than 1 % of the avaialbe band. Given that we use frequeny hopping, a few users on the band have zero effect on our system.

What will make a difference is the ease of use of the Dragon Link. You just turn it on and it works, every time. So the choice is yours, worry about a problem that does not exist, or concentrate on what is really important. Performance, and ease of use. Below are some examples of flying in a much harsher RF envoronment that most will ever fly in.

60'' Zephyr w/ GoPro Hero HD, Flown w/ Dragon Link (3 min 32 sec)

FPV HD Miami !!! Fly between Two Tall buildings, Only with FPV can you do this !!! (3 min 6 sec)

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