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+17 F & snowing here. Feels like a heat-wave!

Haven't been able to fly the MiG since before we got the 1.5 feet of snow back in early December. It's been over a month since I've flown anything outdoors, and that was a 5-minute 130X flight from the deck. Last time I flew fixed-wing outdoors was before Christmas, when I got in a few ROS flights in the yard with the CC on floats. Since then, it's been too cold, too windy, too rainy, too icy, too snowy - or a combination thereof. Given that we lost our indoor spot, it looks like I won't be getting in much stick-time on anything but the MV & nCPX until spring - aside from maybe a few ROS flights with the CC & a few spins around the yard with the 130X now & then.

For 25 years, I simply accepted the fact that I'd get very little stick-time in during the winter. I got into micros when the original Sukhoi 26m came out in '09 & flew it at the sports center that winter. That was my first experience with indoor flying - aside from flying the mSR around the house. After just three winters of flying indoors, I'm going through 'RC withdrawals' because we lost our indoor spot. Funny how that works....

Lately, I've been satisfying my RC jones by DSing at the DS Ridgeline site in RF 6.5. With the default wind settings, I am able to get the Mistral 3m sailplane up to nearly 400 MPH without breaking or crashing it. I know that DSing in the sim is much, much easier than it is in real life. Nevertheless, it definitely keeps one's reflexes sharp during the off-season! I'd love to try it for real someday, but we're a bit shy on DS sites around here. However, DSing in the sim has perked my interest in getting back into fast planes. It's been over 10 years since I've had anything that flies over 100 MPH. I feel the need - the need...for speed!

Top Gun "Need for Speed" (0 min 15 sec)

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