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Originally Posted by Doc Austin View Post
I am currently negotiating with Budweiser to fly my Laser at the Bud brewery in Tampa and shoot a video with the Bud Light trucks in the background. I'll have to get Eric to print me up some Bud Light decals. If I can pull this off it will be pretty cool. I'm just waiting to hear from the distributor and eventually I will talk to the right person who will say either yea or nay.

I wanted to do it at Busch Gardens, but Busch no longer owns it and the corporation that does (Sea World) is afraid of a mega million dollar lawsuit. To me it's a bit sad that in today's ridiculous litigeous enviornment thst AMA's 2.5 million dollar insurance is not enough for me to fly a toy airplane on the Serengeti plains surrounded by nothing but Giraffes and hyenas.

Check my blog article for tip on decal application.

Everyone has gotta have a hobby!

No kidding! Also, I know the Boss pours his soul into making these the best built, best flying, best looking planes out there. Talking to him I get the impression that he cares more about people flying the crap out of his planes and enjoying them than he even does about making money off it. He never talks about money, but when you say you are having a blast flying his planes, he really lights up. I think it means a lot to him that we take pride in flying his creations.

Just don't tell them who cut your bud light decals. We don't want anymore copyright infringements bothering the rc vinyl guys, lol!
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