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Hi guys,

I setup an AIOP 1.1 with ESC rctimer SK-30 (30A SimonK) and soft Multiwii 2.1.

I have seen here they are not good ESC, but mine are not burnt yet, and with my config I have 3 problems:

1 - I don't manage to enter the ESC to calibration mode : full throttle, I don't get the small beep saying it enters calibration. Going back Min throttle i get one beep : the ESC is armed, but no calibration was done. Even putting radio to 120% endpoint, nothing changes.

2 - the motors won't arm (see video). I'm on that for two days ..

3 - Multiwiiconf works well for all (read/write, sensor values, GPS, RC sticks values..), but multiwiiWinGui don't display any datas when connected.

See vidéo : I don't get the meaning of the two different kind blinking for leds A and C.

multiwii 2.1 on AIOP + timeRC 30A SimonK: problem arming motors (0 min 48 sec)

No external modules activated (not even GPS, but it does not arm better with)
#define MINTHROTTLE 1064 // special ESC (simonk)
#define MAXTHROTTLE 1880
#define MINCOMMAND 1000
#define I2C_SPEED 400000L
#define MIDRC 1500 // ( the neutral was set to 1500 on radio)
#define DEADBAND 6

edit: the min and max value I read for sticks in multiwiiconf are around 1030 and 1886. I tried to change MINTHROTTLE MAXTHROTTLE and MINCOMMAND without results

thanks for reading,
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