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Originally Posted by --Oz-- View Post
I bought them from eBay, here is the description
20x 5mm RGB LED Common Anode Diffused Lens; Manual Control 4-Pin Tri-Color USA

and the link

These are RGB LED's, in other words, the have 3 in one (Red, Blue and Green) in the bulb, and so they have 4 leads, I only use two of the leads. It would be easier to use regular LED's with only 2 leads. Also I prefer diffused LEDs because it lights up the end of the LED.

Like this

LED's need a resistor to limit the current. The Red LED has a much lower voltage drop than Green and Blue so you need a different resistors.

These numbers are Ohms at a fully charged battery at 4.20 volts

Red 430=5mA, 210=10mA, 133=15mA, 100=20mA
Blue 273=5mA, 119=10mA, 76=15mA, 53=20mA
Green 270=5mA, 116=10mA, 69=15mA, 47=20mA

I do not recommend going over 20mA (smaller value resistor then the 20mA column)

I am running 200 Ohms on Blue and 250 Ohms on Green (the Green is very bright at the same current), so I run it at a lower current to mach the Blue brightness). Anything close will be fine, don't worry about an exact value.

I moved the battery wire to the top of the pcb and then soldered the LED wires to the bottom of the PCB. I just added 4 more LEDs, they draw a total of 50mA and are less prone to being hit in a crash, will add a picture later.

This LED has a resistor and should work at the voltage we are using, but not sure about the brightness

On another note, I ordered the 750mA NanoTech batteries from HK USA in the morning on the 1st of Feb, I got them on the 4th,pretty happy about that, i am used to the three weeks from Honk Kong. Since my flying is getting better I am draining the battery faster now. My stock 350mA battery was 9 minutes putting around, now it last 5 to 5 and half minutes. The 750mA NanoTech it lasts 14 minutes and the last 3 minutes it slows a bit, but still totally flyable. The motors are slightly warm.

I had to slightly modify the connector on the X1 for the 750mA Nano, the pins are square, but the 750mA Nano Female connector is rectangle, With a Dremal tool and cutoff wheel, I shaved a fraction off one side on the X1 and fits perfect.
Thank you for the indepth reply Oz..

The knowledge you'all have on this forum is a great resource for a old noob like me.
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