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Originally Posted by UNGN View Post
I like it because it will knife edge, roll axially and land and take off... things the Stryker can't do.

I fly in a small area so I can't use max speed on any of my planes for more than a few seconds. If I flew in a larger area, I wouldn't be flying micros, so a "fast micro" is kind of useless to me.

By performance I'm referring to aerobatic performance... looping rolling, spins, hovering....
Sounds like an awesome plane and unless they come out with something faster I might get one.
I'll just hope they come out with something at least as aerobatic as the stryker but with more speed. Its ability to land virtually straight down is a big bonus here in the city, in these small parks. I've heard it can knife-edge now with the twin rudders but have not tried it, just quoting posts from the stryker thread.
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