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Originally Posted by AussieNewbie View Post
You guys haven't been very welcoming to a newbie. Guess money is a sensitive topic, I didn't mean for it to go this way. I just wanted to say that it's worth getting the best gear you can afford.
If that's all you wanted to say you sure went the long way round......

not very welcoming!!??

You trashed me in one of your first posts for saying hopefully I wasn't an "all the gear no idea" when I did nothing more than show some guy a hotliner setup I was recommended.

You bagged a guy out on the PP thread for losing his quad

You come in here with no experience on the product you where bashing,

You sprout about your income, and wince cellar which nobody cared about, then proceed to say we are "have nots" because we chose to pay no more than we have to for this kind of thing.

You posted a word assuming that I didn't know what it meant, then told me to "look it up" with a condescending tone...

Did I miss anything??? oh yeah, you "hope the guys at PP aren't old chatty types"........we can't have people wanting to chat to you now, can we? You might actually learn something about the hobby

For the record, money isn't a sensitive topic that I'm aware of, (there you go again, you just had to bring it up as an excuse ) it's just that it has absolutely zero relevance here, and most of all, people can spot a wichser a mile away. "And yes it's a real word..... look it"........
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