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A few things you should know BennyT

1. One thing regarding the use of flaps with the Zephyr. Its not really advised as being a bottom with plane landing with flaps down will tear your control surface hinges when it hits the ground.
2. Spoilerons a good for this bird to slow it down for landing during low wind conditions. When there's a nice head wind it slows down ok without any extra help.
3. Make sure the forward wing mount is glued in tight, and put some tape over it so grass cant catch. Landing too fast will break the mount, so nice and slow and low.
4. Cut back your elevator rates before setup, as full travel can tear the ELEV hinge. You can see it twist at full rate.
5. Some tape on the hinges wont hurt as several people have reported hinge splitting.
6. Dont try and send it vertical unless you have plenty of speed. EDF's run out of thrust pretty fast so you need the speed to gain some altitude just in case you run out of puff and stall it.
7. The wings go terminal at a bit over 80mph, so you cant really roll this aircraft out of a climb and send it into a full throttle dive like you can with gliders like the Dynamic-S.

Overall its a full aircraft that flys well in up to 30kmh breezes. It flys ok in stronger winds but the wings can do some nasty twisting.


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