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Originally Posted by Jeremy Kamutzki View Post
Hey dan, that 8fgs looks really nice! just a question about the binary 900. I have been thinking about DLG every since you mentioned it a while back in this thread and I watched one of your videos on your channel. It looks like alot of fun and a very unique type of flying, so I'm thinking i might look into trying it (after i buy/build my clipped wing cub of course). Anyway, i was just wondering if this is an aileron elevator plane or an aileron elevator rudder plane, cause it says you just need 3 servos and you have it set up with two on the ailerons. That's so you can do flaperons/spoilerons right?
This is an aileron/elevator plane only. Rudder... really isn't necessary IMHO. The larger 1.5m (~60'') DLGs sometimes have rudder - most of the time, actually.

Heck, the elevator was hard enough to set up. The pushrod actually goes through the boom!

I highly suggest you try it... it is SOOO much fun and the top most addictive part of the hobby, really.

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