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Originally Posted by SoloProFan View Post
Welcome back.

You don't need a different ESC to run 2S lipo, a 6 cell NiMh or NiCad will have about the same voltage. But if your ESC doesn't have a low voltage cutoff to protect the lipo against too low discharging, you need a seperate lipo voltage monitor. Does your charger have lipo charge program btw?

For better top end speed, you could try a bigger pinion gear. That will decrease acceleration, but the car can reach a higher speed on the straights. Just make sure you "up the pinion" in steps, and check the motor and ESC temperature on a regular basis during driving, as a bigger pinion will put more strain on the motor.
I found the original box and manual for my ESC, it's actually the f1 pro which was the high end back then..definitely worth keeping if I can, I'll have to look into the lipo voltage monitor.

I have a weird gearing; my pinion is the stock 90 but my spur is 18 (stock is 31 I believe). Going to the LHS tomorrow to buy gears... I will go back to stock spur and play with the pinion..any suggestions where to start besides that?

Also you asked about my charger.. Well it died and will need to be replaced,in the short term I picked up a cheap duratrax onyx 100 and a couple 3000mah nihm batteries.

Wondering if it's worth the expense to replace my old fm radio/receiver with something more modern as well?

P.s. I found the (unpainted) inner body I forgot I bought that! I need to practice my painting before I attemp that, though.
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