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I had my first bad crash the other day and one of the arms popped all the way out. I just pushed it back in and have flown for several more days. Since I read your post I just checked it and found that I could push it in a little more. When I say a little I mean 1/16 of an inch or so. I'll be sure to check it now

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I have a red board, was a spaceship bought on Amazon (my girlfriend's ufo from different seller has red board too). My yaw trim works fine, I can attest because I use it. My CCW rotors do not spin as well as my CW rotors, so I am using 1-2 clicks of trim to keep it straight (still yaws slightly when using full throttle inputs, probably from the CW rotors spooling faster).

I read earlier the arms are press fitted. Has anyone had issues with any coming out? This is my first flying thing, and I am getting real good at it and don't crash anymore, but on my last 3 flights I had to push the rear left leg (directly under battery) into the frame about 1/4in when I was done. I do a lot of high speed stuff and back to back flips (I have confused the gyro's on more than one occasion to make it plummet upside down!) so I can only assume it is gforces trying to pull the arm out since I am not crashing at all. My concern is if I glue it, it will not come out if I ever needed to remove it. Anyone else having this occur?
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