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Originally Posted by sirzeppu View Post
I was 8 as well when I entered the hobby for the first time. My dad and I learned together from one of his friends. Those were challenging times for father and son, but extremely rewarding and I will never forgot them nor stop cherishing them.

I hope to teach my son someday...he's 4 in March and I've already started him on the R/C cars as well as exposing him to building planes. All he does with his Legos is build R/C planes and helicopters. I love the heritage a hobby like ours can create.
@sirzeppu - I am in the process of teaching my father to fly - he has always been into the building aspect of the hobby but has never flown a REAL RC plane before. I bought him a trainer for Christmas to teach him to fly this spring.

Originally Posted by Leroy Gardner View Post
The beauty of this is, your teaching your son to use his head and hands to make some thing to be proud of. Most kids have a short attention span these days, "not your's", love to see more dad / son projects like this and I bet he'll fly it too.

We have a now 7 yr. old flying a 50cc 300 in our club and he is really something to watch, lands it too. Could be the future of your young son, I wish him well.

@Leroy - Wow, that's amazing, 7yo! I can only hope that he gets into it. Half the problem with most of the youth today is they grow up with no discipline or any skills to carry them through life.

Originally Posted by loNslo View Post
At 69, I can't remember my age when I started modeling--it was a very long time ago. But it wasn't until I was ~13 that I built my first glow powered model. All before that, that flew, did so with rubber or no power.
@loNslow - My grandfather, God rest his sole, got me my first glow plane kit when I was 12yo. Before that, I too, built rubber or gliders. Some of witch I never even flew but merely displayed for my own enjoyment.
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