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Noob questions...

I have all the parts now. PCB, lots of VERY small SMD parts. MPU6050, BMP085 and Flytron GPS. Oh and that Maxim chip as well.

I hear that there are some strange things called fuses on the Atmega mcu. Do I have to do any setting, and if so, what. Using AVRISP MKII programmer.
Along the same lines, it's rumored that there is a bootloader involved. I just looked and don't happen to have one in my back pocket. What's available and maybe a link to how to load it?

The video camera and VTx that I have are both 12V. I assume that I connect Vin, Vout and ground and leave the VT/camera Vcc outside of the OSD?

Using CPPM can I "Y" the line from the receiver to the OSD and run it to the flight controller as well? If not how can I get a signal to the FC, as I do plan on flying this OSD, not just a bench exercise?

The LED on the board. I don't see any orientation markings. Did some circuit tracing and think that the "+" side of the LED would be towards the video connections?

I am considering putting some heatshrink over the PCB once it is all setup and working. I plan on having angled pins on each end of the board and soldered cable connections for the sides. Would this cause heat or other issues?

Especially thank you to Dennis for all the work you are putting into this project and to all the others who are helping with question/answers.

I had a soldering practice run on an original KK SMD board that I have had around for a while, but went in another direction. Got the Atmel on and all the caps/resistors. It looks pretty clean, so I'm hoping that this OSD will go ok.

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