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Originally Posted by kalmon View Post
lol no I know he wasn't kidding, I was serious when I said I was fixing it!!

I've had to deadstick the B3D a half dozen times before I got those heatsinks from you. I think the B3D has a 1:5 glide ratio on a good day. I lost power about 15 ft above a pine and it was all I could do to avoid putting it in the tree on the way down just because of the slope of a typical pine!!

and yeah the flare has to be timed perfect, I used to just aim for a tiny bit early so that I'd get a less than graceful plop onto the gear and probably a nose over. It was better than taking it square on the chin!

I see how you misunderstood. The "you" in my post was any reader of your post. The "he" in my post was you, kalmon. I know that you know that he wasn't kidding. I was saying it was you who weren't kidding. Clear as mud? Who's on first? Har...
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