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Originally Posted by AerialSkyCam View Post
soo let me try to sum this up

if you want to fly Commercial to bad you need to get FAA approval which you likely wont get unless your Boeing or Lockheed or maybe a major edu

if your modeler do not fly fly over 400' OR ELSE
now in this area what if your flying a club that OWNS /rents the land does that mean said club owns the airspace and you can tell the FAA to take a hike on the 400' rule?

and Congress as asked the FAA to get some thing done a wile ago but they havent and no one in DC really cares till some thing ends up going to the SCOTUS and they have till 2015 to officaly do any thing about the NPRM which may not even happen then
and until the THAT rule is made no flying commercial 'OR ELSE'

that sound about right?

its pretty BS that the FAA is dragging its feet any no one is putting them to coals about it ...
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