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to me its more of a space ,. tools and equiptment, i dont have the space to have rolls of monokote ,shelves for balsa ,a work bench exc,exc. i dont want to bother with buying the tools or equiptment either.since i dont have the space . its just so much easier to just buy an arf .as for getting someone to do it for me i dont like to put time restraints on another person, espicially if there doing it for me, for free . and "knowing me," i buy something i want it done asap not at there leasure , and besides "to me" it takes away the fun of saying i built it . one more thing i would hate to spend hours and hours on a built just to have it crash "lets say on a maiden "at least with a arf , i can just saay , ahhh well time to buy another one
on a side note i build alot of scratch built plane out of foam .so i woud enjoy building a balsa plane .. as for the foam planes.all i need is a box cutter . a ruler, glue and colored tape and there not even in the same ball park as a balsa , so to me no one can say its the same thing buiding a foamy or balsa .i honestly think that balsa kits are a thing of the past . with foam planes dominating the market, and arf balsa kits right behind . balsa builders are artist since balsa building is an art in itself.
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