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Originally Posted by BadLemon View Post
I have not been on this thread in a while so this problem I had may have been talked about so if it has I'm sorry about the duplicate post.

Yesterday the Weather was good enough to get a couple of flights in with my F-86 at a local park. I even took off with the F-86 sliding on the snow.

While at work today I was walking between buildings and put my hand in my pocket and found I put a battery in my pocket. I got a phone call on my cell while I was talking the battery started to get hot in my hand. I open my hand and quickly noticed the positive lead was stuck into the back of the negative lead of the balance plug! This created a dead short as you all know it would, I know this happen while I had the battery in my hand because it wasn't hot when I pulled the battery out of my pocket.

I know "I'm Stupid" it wasn't very smart to put the battery in my pocket in the first place so I'm very lucky the battery didn't short in my coat pocket while hung up in the closet. I'll said it again I'm Lucky for being stupid! I could be homeless right now or even worse I could of lost my family. I will never do this again I'm thinking a fix for this could be to make a protection cover for the micro dean connector or even change the connector to a JST female or something else. So I would like to know if others have foreseen this and what changes did you do.

Lastly I want to be clear on this matter I'm not blaming the manufacturer this was clearly my fault.
I'm glad everything turned out ok for you.

One thing that should have been done by LiPo makers is to have the + and - posts on the connectors switched. Have the + lead on the battery be the female instead of the male. In your case had those being switched neg would have been to neg and no problem.

That said, even if they had been switched, the pin from the battery could just as easily have found the correct lead on the balance tap to create a short, regardless of which side of the battery the wires/connectors are connected.

As a cover, something that works well is to pick up some vacuum hose caps from the auto parts store that'll fit the mini Deans. Like these. I've taken an old plastic drink straw, cut about 1/2" off it and seal one end with RTV silicone and the open end fits the Mini Deans snugly.
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