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Originally Posted by Buschbarber View Post
I have the Hangar 9 P47-150 with a Fuji 32ei gas engine. I was using he JR921 DSM2 Rx, but now I am using the Spektrum AR9010 DSMX Rx. I have a JR XP9303 with Spektrum DSM2 module. I switched Rx's because I had to send the 921 in for service.

I have two Aileron servos, two Elevator servos, two Flap servos, two Retract servos, one Rudder servo, and one Throttle servo. I use a 2500mah 2cell LiFe Rx battery and a 2500mah 2cell LiFe Ignition battery (with 5v regulator).

I have a JR Matchbox on the Elevators and another on the Flaps. I have used Y Harnesses in the past and encountered enough anomalies that I will never use them again when I can use Channel Mixing or a Matchbox, instead.

Never use 4.8v Rx batteries with 2.4 Rx's. It is well documented that servo load can cause the Rx battery voltage to drop below critical and cause a Brownout on any manufacturer's 2.4 Rx. I have never had a Brownout on any of my aircraft and I have been using JR/Spektrum Rx's since 2007.

With your 11X, you could connect every servo to a separate channel and avoid using a Y Harness. I am limited with 9 channels.

Hi, thanks for your comments. I limited with 9 channels to. I think I will use a Matchbox (for flaps and ailerons).

Can you please tell me what servos you are using on your plane?

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