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Sorry I didn't post back to you earlier. Life got in the way.... :-)

I don't really have good pics of each step by step process. But you can take a look at a messy installation of a carbon fiber rod on a test wing before the glue was smoothed out. It should give you an idea. Just remember, you don't need a lot of glue for a CF rod. A light dab of epoxy or hot glue will do the trick along the rod. This wing worked fine once completed.

But to join each wing together I use the following solid solution.

1. On each wing root, bore our a small 1/8 hole or make a hole plug about 4 inches deep into the wing. I use a sharpened brass tube to bore the hole. Do this for each wing you have to attach together. Make sure the holes line up together so when the wings are joined, they are aligned.

2. Take bamboo skewers (look for the 1/8 size), make sure they are straight and cut them to the proper length needed. They will be used to tie each wing together. You of course are free to use CF rod or whatever. But bamboo is strong and super cheap. I've yet to have a wing snap in half or break at a joining seam.

3. Using 5 min epoxy, dab each cut piece of bamboo with epoxy and apply epoxy along the root edge as well.

4. Hook them together and give them a tight press. Smooth out any epoxy that comes outside the seams. Apply tape if you need to keep something aligned. Set it on a table, make sure the wing is even and flush at all leading and trailing edges and that the proper dihedral for both wing tips is equal.

5. Once dry I cut a small channel for my CF rod the length I need. Use a soldering knife to make a nice smooth channel. Be careful not to over burn your channel making it too wide. You want a tight fit. Fit in your CF rod with a dab of epoxy or hot glue.
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