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Originally Posted by jstoll View Post
holy crap I mounted the 35/36 1800 prop drive today .. it was pretty easy ... I bought their mount kit and shortened the + bracket they supplied and slotted the ends so that the screws could go through the slots into the holes in the stock plastic + in the fuse and had to turn each screw about one turn each as the motor would cock toward the tightened screw untill it seated all the way in ...
that motor on the 4S 45-90C 2200 nanotechs pulled 1500 watts at about 95 amps with the 7X6E... a bit hot for my liking so I went to a 7X5 sport prop and it pulled about 1200 watts at about 75 amps all static and it will unload in the air quite a bit with the 7X5
so holy crap its going to be fast pulling twice the watts as it did initially... I may kick the timing back to 15* from 30* as well this will slow the motor a little and it will pull less amps
take care
I dident put on the backplate or cone so the motor will get allot of cooling but the plane will be a little more draggy Im not too worried about the high watts on this motor I think it will handle it... I used to double watts on ARC motors and never burned one up but I need to do more work on cooling for the ESC
Congrats you are almost up in my class u will love it. On my 6s setup I don't have spinner or backplate. The motor and esc gets plenty of cooling. I am at 2260watts 107 amp on ground my motor is rated for 1300w but still going strong. U can launch the plane almost straight up at 1/4 to half throttle.
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