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One or more motors are not vertical, inducing a yaw. The two opposite motors of your quad that heat up are spinning much harder to fight that yaw.

Straiten your motors and they will cool down.

Originally Posted by archet View Post
Hi, is there anyone that can explain me why my DJI-M is overheating motors in positions 1 and 3? My quadcopter is a GAUI 500x and I have put new motors and ESCs, I did ESC calibration one by one. The quadcopter flies normally in GPS and attitude mode, the AUW is 1.780 gr., much lower then 2.200 gr. advertised, but after two or three minutes I have to land it because I can smell the coil insulation odour because of excessive motors' heat.
When I swap ESC and motor in position 4 with ESC and motor in position 3, the new motor now in position n. 3 overheats, so it does not seem to be a motor's or ESC's problem. I am now thinking that the problem could be perhaps in the DJI-M PMU or in the MC.
Any suggestion?
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