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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
A motor is not a motor......

KV only means the RPM it will do per volt. It doesn't mean anything about what power the motor can handle.
For a given voltage, AND the load the motor has on it (what fan, prop etc), it will TRY to run a Speed X (dictated by KV), but only be able to reach "X divided by Y" according to its construction versus that load. The situation it is in will make is draw Z Amps.
For the exact same motor and situation (fan it is in) if you raise volts you will cause the Amps to rise. Power = Volts x Amps, thus power rises too.

If the motor was only made to cope with Power X, it will fry if you cause it to run (or try to run) at higher power - they will all keep going higher than they are truly capable of, for X amount... to the point they fry. Too much heat basically..... via too much current (Amps) through the windings.

So.... KV on its own means little.
What matters is a total of a number of factors.

If someone says they had a motor of X KV, and another person had another motor type of the same X KV, you still need to know WHAT were all the other specs of each motor, to know which will do what for a given cell count and fan use.
After reading your post, i understand much more about the relationship between KV, volt, amp etc.... I think the manufacturer should include the wire size of their motor so that we can estimate the current it can withstand.
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