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Originally Posted by ndeverell View Post
This boat has already been cut and modified I put a new bow section on and dramatically improved the boat It was fast but would not turn
Hi Neil, I’ve been following Vladislav Murnikov radical mono-hull SpeedDream project that has reverse shear wave-piercing bow, strongly resembling the hulls on AC multi-hulls, his comments on this type of bow design, I thought had lot of creditability & wanted to share.

“They have used them on multihulls for quite a while, but to my knowledge no one has used them on a monohull,” says Vladislav Murnikov. As to criticisms that having such a bow will encourage SpeedDream to bury its bow, Murnikov maintains that quite the opposite is true.

“So technically I am not taking volume off the bow, I am adding volume to it,” argues Murnikov. “Even though we have a sharp slender bow, in fact it has more buoyancy forward, not less.”

As to the upside-down shape of the bow section, where the widest part is low, tapering up towards the deck, the idea is that if this bow does bury then its shape will offer less resistance to popping out. Compare this with when a classic V-shaped bow buries, and water being scooped on deck can cause it to pitchpole. Murnikov adds: “The chance of this hull really going underwater is much smaller than a traditional hull."

Was not clear how your surgery changed the turning ability of the boat, but don't throw the baby out the window with the bath water ... I think there is something worthwhile exploring with the reverse bow, if you can get it right

Cheers Alan

Tow Tank Testing (1 min 37 sec)
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