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Originally Posted by kaakku View Post
I am in progess of tunign G.O. Two issues

1) twicing in tilt axis. Very fast & small back & forth twitch. This makes video unusable. Might be caused also by below 0 temperature, because gets worse during the flight.

Here you can see some of the twiching -

2) roll axis is difficult to get smooth. I think it has multiple challenges. 1) belt is difficult to get tight enough. 2) More weight (than on pitch) on the bearing will add friction --> no smooth movement

For roll I have used flexible band to have the roll on "another corner of belt" to make it smoother. Somewhat successfull.

Anyone having similar challenges? What is a good fix?

Hi Kaakku,

First of all, wrong location for camera CG may occur this type of twitces.Be sure your camera located CG on the gimbal.
You can find right CG with this method:
-disassemble the belts
-locate the camera on the tray,when the gimbal comes in balanced position,
-mark the camera monting points
-assembly the belts and tune the belt tensions

Other hand,gain controlls on the gimbal controller are important,you must be sure gains tuned.

if the servo resulutions or torques not enogh,twitches may occur,too.
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