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Originally Posted by beerassassin View Post
has anyone else experienced this? tiny dark spot showing up in the video

I cleaned the outside thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner, which didn't help.

I flicked the lens a couple times and the black spot moved further down in the video. flicked the lens a couple more times and the black spot disappeared.

I'm glad it's gone (for now), but that's still a little disappointing. camera's about a week old and this happened today.
Similar issues have been reported a few times and the most likely cause is a speck of dust inside the module between the CMOS array and the lens. I doubt if the dust is actually between the different lens elements.
You will need to remove the lens from the barrel and then use a camera dust-blower, the type with a large bulb, to remove the speck of dust. If you use compressed air be very careful. You want to keep the pressure as low as possible, i.e. keep the air stream at a distance from the camera. Also, using compressed air can cause condensation which could become trapped in the module on reassembly.

Your most difficult task will be to remove the glue holding the lens in position. You will need a needle and a lot of patience to slowly pick off the glue. Whatever you do, do not use any tools. Resist the temptation or chances are you will damage the lens. If you look back, maybe a week or two, someone else had a similar problem.

Since your camera is new, your other possibility is to send the lens or camera back for replacement.

If you don't do anything, chances are great that the speck of dust will come back - sooner or later.
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