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Build Log
Topgun DAGO rebuild!

Well my old Dago fuse has been sitting in the corner of the room for almost a year now, First wing it had was the old obechi sheeted foam one, that clapped after a year + of hard flying, fuse dropped vertical from 150ft into soft ground, few cracks but she was glued up, a new glass wing fitted and another good year+ was had out of her. Last flight she got caught in a wind gust over a big tree during landing, clipped the treetop which stalled her out and she dropped onto hard ground, wing got too much damage to bother fixing so she was stripped and put away.

I had a spare glass wing sitting in storage that had a bad paintjob, cost me zero bucks so I figured why not repair the old girl and clean up this new wing at the same time.

Its been on and off for a few months but last week decided to get my finger out and get stuck into it, all the gelcoat that had cracked away was chipped out and fresh epoxy used to fill all the areas, epoxy was run inside the fuse around the wing saddle and batt area to stiffen it up, and all the fine cracks in the gelcoat were sealed up with thin CA.

Pics show the fuse with all the repairs done, its pretty smooth, good enough for a primer/filler to be used over it, and I plan to use Acrylic laquer in a spray can, dont want to have to set up and clean up a gun for a small job like this.

The wing pics show it all rubbed back, sanded off all the flaws, lumps and crazing in the paint, leaving a nice solid base to work from.

This was all Saturday Morning!
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